Sunday, 7 January 2018

Get paid ££££ for my real life stories.

Have your  story in  major national magazines as Chat, Best, Take a Break, Pick Me Up, Real Life, Women, That’s life to name a few womens weekly magazines and will pay well for your stories!So you know what stories we are after, here are some to of the sites, we provide stories for.
The more information you put in your summary, the bigger chance of selling it.
Please send full summaries, for the following, for your best chance to sell your story. If we think this is suitable, we will contact you.
  • My man cheated on me, while I gave birth
  • My baby was operated on, as soon as they were born
  • My dad, killed my mum, for having an affair.
  • I was married and divorced within 24 hours.
  • The bigger I become, the sexier I feel,
  • I only date feeder men
  • Wedding shock, on my big day, I woke up bald
  • My daughter was murdered, by her jealous mother in law
  • Wedding night frolics, left me disabled
    Anything considered, so write a few lines about it and I will contact you if it’s something I think is good enough – it could be worth hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Payment: Hundreds OR thousands of pounds
You will need to be interviewed and photographed.
Top stories win £2K.
You can pull out anytime until publication.
Please send in a full summary, and answer any questions fully,  for the best chance to sell your story.
The magazines we work with are the weekly womens magazines. We read back the story you have given us, BEFORE a story is sent to publication, so that you know what is going to be printed, before it comes out in print, at which point, it can be changed, as you see fit.
Feel free to send your story in, if we think we can use it, we will tell you within a few days, if we can’t use it, but know who will use it, we will also let you know. We prefer, unusual or extreme stories, because they make more money!
Re payment, the journalist will need to go through the story with you, and then sell your story to the magazines, the amount you will be paid, will depend, also on what other stories have come in, but if you send in your story, I can pass your story onto the journalist, who will give me a yes or no, on whether they want to talk to you about your story or not, the yes or no, should be within 7 days, they will then discuss your story with you, within a fortnight, and go from there,
The journalist, will get the biggest price they can, the price ranges anything up to £2K. You can pull out anytime up until publication, and they won’t print anything you don’t want them to.
These answer the following questions below, you can send the answers to, please no spamming. I am just interested in your story.

Why are you suitable for this role?
Please give me a full summary of your story.
If there was  crime committed, was there a conviction please? Without a conviction, we cannot legally sell a story.
Is there anything else that would help us decide to use your story, for womens weekly magazines, thanks.
Have you sold your story or any other story before?
Do you have photos to back your story up, and if not, does anyone else have any?
Please supply email address, as another way of contacting you, but only if you feel comfortable giving it to use, we will not pass it on.
If you would rather not add it please put n/a, thanks.
What is your  home/mobile number please?
What is your age, if you would rather leave that out, just say n/a, thanks.
Are you male or female?
Are you free to call and receive calls, during business hours please?
Thanks,  I look forward to hearing from you.

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