Monday, 19 November 2018

Sell your story for cash


Do you have a story to sell?

Everyone who sends in their story, no matter if its published or not, is entered into the prize draw.
We sell stories, to womens weekly magazines,   this blog, is split into two, showing the stories that magazines are after each week, and the more specific stories, if you have a story, and are unsure if its suitable, feel free to email me, to find out more, if I don't respond within 24 hours of you contacting me, feel free to contact me via Twitter, details are below. My email address is
If you don't have a story that is on the list below, feel free to ask to go on the mailing list for future media requests, thanks.
Please note, we ALWAYS, go through your story with you, before printing it, we only print, what you want to be printed. You can earn up to 2K for your story, and there is opportunity for it to be printed elsewhere, TV interviews etc, but all is done with your permission, and with further payment to yourself.
Most people have a story to tell but don't even realise it! If you're in any doubt, please apply and we'll give you an honest opinion. We like usual stories, but also the following type of stories are particularly attractive to our markets:
            Perhaps you were abused by a friend or family member? Or were attacked by a
            partner? Maybe you've been conned out of thousands of pounds by a romance
            If you've seen justice served then we want to hear from you! Earn up to
            £2,000 selling your story to a women's magazine and inspire, support and
            encourage countless other women in the process.
            Contact us on contact details
            Earn up to £2,000 for telling your cheating story. We write for all the
            women's magazines, such as Take a Break and Chat.
            Did you turn detective to catch your cheating partner? Was your partner
            cheating with your sister, or best friend? Did your ex cheat while you were
            pregnant or ill?
            Find out more by contacting us on contact details
            Were you reunited with a childhood sweetheart after years apart? Perhaps you
            and your other half have a big age gap? Maybe you met your partner in
            extreme or unusual circumstances or even married just days after meeting?
            If you want to earn £££s by selling your story to a national women’s
            magazine, contact us on contact details
            Perhaps you have lost weight for a special occasion like a wedding or big
            birthday, or maybe you shed the pounds after a particularly embarrassing
            holiday photo? Did you have gastric surgery and were left with unsightly
            loose skin or maybe you battled an eating disorder?
            Whatever your issue surrounding weight loss, we want to hear from you! Earn
            hundreds of pounds and inspire other women by selling your story to a
            women’s magazine. Find out more here: contact details
            Earn hundreds of pounds by telling us about your wedding. Maybe you married
            against the odds, or perhaps you were furious when you caught your groom
            cheating with the bridesmaid! It could have been that you had a themed,
            fancy-dress wedding or maybe you and your groom spent thousands on cosmetic
            surgery for your big day. Whatever the wedding, get in touch now to find out
            how we could help on contact details
Please send full summaries, for the following, for your best chance to sell your story. If we think this is suitable, we will contact you.


My girl gave birth, at her x birthday party. (teenager years only).
I was so fat, I broke the sun bed
My man, had his secret family next door.
I lost 10 stone and my man

Anything considered, so write a few lines about it and I will contact you if it’s something I think is good enough – it could be worth hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Payment: Hundreds OR thousands of pounds
You will need to be interviewed and photographed.
Top stories win 2K.
You can pull out anytime until publication.
Please send in a short summary, and answer any questions fully,  for the best chance to sell your story.
Are you a man or women
Can we have your phone number please, so that you can be interviewed
Can you be interviewed  during the day.
Thanks,  I look forward to hearing from you.

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