Friday, 5 April 2019

Want money for your story?

     £2,000 FOR YOUR STORY!

We are a media agency, that provides, weekly women's magazines, such as Take a Break, Chat, Bella etc, with stories about women. We only print what  you want us to print.
Do you have any real-life stories that you would like to sell?
* Cheating - Have you been betrayed by an ex or your family? Were you cheated on?
*Crime - Were you or your family a victim of crime or abuse? Was your attacker convicted?
*Weight - Have you worked hard to lose weight? Or did you face an eating disorder?
*Health and Beauty - Have you battled a rare illness or injury, or had cosmetic surgery?
Please send full summaries, for the following, for your best chance to sell your story. If we think this is suitable, we will contact you.

This weeks special requests are:
I lost 19 stone, to fit into my wedding dress
My dads death spurred me onto lose 10 stone
My dog, saved my life, by telling me, when there was a fire in the house
Protein shakes killed my daughter
My mums carer stole her life savings
Its not a tummy bug, you are in labour
I'm a gran, at the age of 23
I married a man, who is older than my dad.

Anything considered, so write a few lines about it and I will contact you if it’s something I think is good enough – it could be worth hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Payment: Hundreds OR thousands of pounds
You will need to be interviewed and photographed.
Top stories win 2K.
You can pull out anytime until publication.
Please send in a short summary, and answer any questions fully,  for the best chance to sell your story.

Please send your story to:

Are you a man or women
Can we have your phone number please, so that you can be interviewed
Can you be interviewed  during the day.
What is the summary of your story please?
Thanks,  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Receive £2000, for your story

      £2,000 FOR YOUR STORY! We are a media agency, that provides, weekly women's magazines...